A filler cannot be used to the best of advantages in polymer unless this is a good adhesion between them. The
company introduced in its range of coated carbonate a speciality product to suit certain taylor made application.
In coated filler, the calcium strerate/steric acid surface is produced by chemical reaction with calcium carbonate
hence the treatment is firmly bonded to the surface of the particle. In this micron coaring process, it is not a
physical coating or a mixture and therefore will neither wash off in processing nor segregated during process.
coated calcite have high whiteness and is very free flow in nature.

Features   Application

1. Rapid and Complete dispersion.
2. Very Low moisture content.
3. Increase production rate.
4. Increase flow rate.
5. Lower Raw Material Cost.
6. Low abrasion in high loading.
7. Good Compatibility with polymer and other additives.
8. Better Impact Strength.


1. Rigid PVC Pipe
2. Additive Master Batches.
3. PP Compunting (automotive,furniture & crates).

Date give to best of our knowledge variation of specifications are expected due to natural raw material. Figures are for guidance and no consequential liabilities are accepted.

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