Renuka Minchem Pvt.Ltd.
Renuka Minchem Pvt.Ltd.
Renuka Minchem Pvt.Ltd.
Renuka Minchem Pvt.Ltd.
Renuka Minchem Pvt.Ltd.

Minerals are the oldest trersures of our civilization.
The human quest for minerals is timeless.At Renuka Minchem Pvt. Ltd.,we provide the high quality speciality minerals conforming to the latest international standards.

The Mission of our company is "To provide diverse natural minerals,keeping in mind, the competitiveness in market on account of current scenario of liberalization and
globalization and setting up of quality standards, cost effectiveness,customer satisfaction and development of natural resources in the national interest".

Renuka Group has setup four ultra modern facility at Madri and Three at kaladwas in Udaipur (Raj) with abumdant wealth of minerals like Caclite,Talc,Dolomite and Soapstone etc.

These minerals like have extensive application as fillers and reinforcing agent in paints, plastics,ceramics,detergents and rubber industries. Micronizing plants using most mordern technology have been installed for making ultra fine products with controlled particle size.

The Rapid development and growth of paints,plastics and ceramic industries in market
motivated the promotors of the company to utilize machinery and equipment of renowed manufacturer in setup of Renuka Group of Companies.

Renuka Group has adopted backward integration stragezy to have a fully intergrated facility from mining to micronizing (coated/uncoated) minerals.

Renuka Group is dealing in various minerals other than mentioned above as per the requirement of the customer. The minerals in form of powder is available in 25,20,15,10 and upto 3 micron particle size.

Renuka group ensure that material of very high purity is passed on to the customers and achieved highest customer satisfaction.



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